Annapolis Boat Show Internet Connection Terms & Conditions


PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS COMPLETELY. BY PROVIDING AN AUTHORIZED SIGNATURE ON THE FRONT OF THIS SERVICE ORDER FORM OR CLICKING ON THE “PAY” BUTTON ON THE ELECTRONIC SERVICE ORDER FORM, YOU AREAGREEING TO THE FOLLOWING TERMS AND CONDITIONS. PROCESSING THE SERVICE ORDER FORM REQUIRES: A. Payment in US dollars for ALL services ordered. B. All information on the Service Order Form to be completed. Missing information will delay processing. C. Placement instructions for voice and data lines in your office, suite, or room marked on the Service Order Form or a blueprint with desired locations provided. (Default placement is in rear of building in the demarcation point for telephone and related systems.)

EQUIPMENT & SERVICE PROCEDURES: A. Customer is responsible for returning all equipment issued by or rented from ACW in good condition. B. Lost, stolen or damaged equipment will be charged to the customer’s authorized credit card at prevailing rates. C. Clients requesting wired; shared or dedicated Ethernet service will receive a standard RJ­45 jack as a part of the contract pricing. Clients requesting wireless internet services will receive a username and password that will enable them to access the network through the wireless access points.


PAYMENTS AND REFUNDS: A. Payment in full is required before service can be connected. B. The “Payment Options” section on the Service Order Form must be completed on every service order. By providing an authorized signature on the front of this form or by clicking on the “Place Order” button on the electronic Service Order Form, you authorize ACW to charge the amount due as pre­payment for services ordered, as well as any charges incurred for additional services ordered during the event, to the authorized credit card. C. Refunds in full will be granted (except on special order items*) if requested more than 10 days prior to the event start date. A $100 charge per each data line and a $250 charge per each Internet line cancelled will apply when request for cancellation is made less than 10 days prior to the event start date. (*Specially ordered services must be paid for in full, including all installation fees, once the order is placed by ACW no refunds will be given.) E. Services installed but not used will not be refunded. F. Customer service issues must be reported to ACW during the event. In order for a refund to be considered, all claims must be filed in writing with ACW prior to the close of the event. G. There will be a $50 fee for any returned checks. H. There will be a $50 fee for all wire transfers. I. A monthly service charge of 1.5% will be added to invoices 30 days past due.

ACW INTERNET / DATA SERVICES RESPONSIBILITIES: A. Service will be delivered over a standard RJ45. Wireless Routers or access points are customer’s responsibility. B. Wired service is 10/100Mbps over a copper carrier network and gigabit fiber ­optic backbone. Service is up to 25Mbps over a copper carrier network and gigabit fiber­ optic backbone. C. Customers will be issued a username and password or IP address(es) for each connection purchased. D. Due to the nature of the Internet ACW cannot guarantee any level of performance or accessibility beyond our gateway. The internet gateway has the capabilities to monitor traffic and bandwidth usage in order to maintain an acceptable level of performance from the Ethernet network for all users. E. The choice of the Internet Service Provider (ISP is at the sole discretion of ACW. F. ACW does not guarantee the safety or security of equipment, software, or proprietary information connected to or carried over services installed by ACW and/or its sub­contractors. G. ACW PROVIDES LIMITED FIREWALL SECURITY AND NO ANTI­VIRUS PROTECTION ON OUR NETWORK. CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PROVIDING THEIR OWN FIREWALL SECURITY AND ANTI­VIRUS SOFTWARE. As is consistent with other service providers, ACW is not responsible in any way for damage to equipment or software, loss of proprietary information or network delays or interruptions caused by unauthorized security breaches or intrusions. CUSTOMER SHALL BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGES TO ACW EQUIPMENT, SOFTWARE, OR PROPRIETARY INFORMATION, OR ANY DAMAGES DUE TO NETWORK DELAYS, INTERRUPTIONS, TROUBLESHOOTING AND/OR REPAIR IF THE ORGIN OFA SECURITY BREACH OR INTRUSION IS DETERMINED TO HAVE ORIGINATED FROM THEIR DEVICE. IT IS MANDATORY THAT EVERY CUSTOMER TAKE PROPER SECURITY MEASURES TO PROTECT THEIR OWN EQUIPMENT AND SOFTWARE, AND IT IS REQUIRED THAT UPDATED AND CURRENT ANTI­VIRUS PROTECTION BE INSTALLED ON EVERY DEVICE CONNECTED TO THE ACW NETWORK. H. INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS (ISP’S) for Internet services will be ACW’s selected provider(s).

CUSTOMER INTERNET/DATA RESPONSIBILITIES: A. ACW REQUIRES THAT UPDATED AND CURRENT ANTI­VIRUS PROTECTION BE INSTALLED ON EVERY DEVICE CONNECTED TO THE ACW NETWORK. B. AT NO TIME SHALL A CLIENT POWER UP ANY WIRELESS DEVICE NOT PROVIDED BY ACW WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION FROM ACW. AT NO TIME, WHILE CONNECTED TO THE ACW NETWORK SHALL THE CLIENT USE/RUN THEIR OWN DHCP SERVER WITH OUT PRIOR WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION FROM ACW. D. Customer must provide a list of all required connections, containing exact location (site address, physical location) and type of device being connected( switch, router, hub, PC, etc.) E. Any customer device that is determined to be causing interference with the normal operation of the ACW network must, at ACW’s request, be immediately disabled or disconnected from the network. F. Customer must provide all equipment for wired Ethernet properly configured and equipped for a standard Ethernet adapter card rated for 10/100Mbps, RJ45 connection. G. Internet client has full, unrestricted access to the Internet. Matters considered improper, offensive, or even unlawful by groups or individuals are not the responsibility of the Internet Service Provider(s) and/or ACW and/or the site. H. Customer is responsible for the proper configuration of equipment and software for the Internet and Ethernet communications. I. Customer is responsible for all services outside of basic Internet connectivity, including e­mail services, ftp services, web services, etc.

ACW’S OBLIGATIONS UNDER this Agreement are subject to, and ACW and/or it’s subcontractors shall not be liable for delays, failure to perform, or destruction normal function of the equipment and services, or any consequences of the above, caused, occasioned or due to fire, flood, water, the elements, labor disputes or shortages, utility curtailments, power failure, explosions, civic disturbances, government regulatory requirements, acts of God or public enemy, war, military or government requisition, shortages of equipment or supplies, unavailability of transportation, acts or omissions of anyone other than ACW, it’s representatives, agents, subcontractors or employees, or any other cause beyond ACW’s reasonable control. In no event shall ACW be liable to the customer or to any other party for special, collateral, exemplary, indirect, incidental or consequential damages. Such excluded damages include, but are not limited to loss of profits, loss of use or interruption of business, or other consequential or indirect economic loss.


COMMUNICATION SERVICES ARE TO BE ordered by each customer separately, and is not to be shared with other customers. Any customers sharing communication services without written authorization from ACW shall be charged for that service at standard rates on a complete second Service Order Form. All additional charges will be billed to the authorized credit card prior to the close of the event.

ONLY ACW PERSONNEL are authorized to modify system wiring or cabling. All material and equipment furnished for this service contract shall remain property of ACW.

ALL CUSTOMER EQUIPMENT must comply with FCC regulations. ACW reserves the right to limit use of outside communication devices, including wireless devices.